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Where Coding Meets Mechatronics Excellence!

Teaching the World - To Control the World!

At  GHM Learn, we take pride in being more than just an online learning platform; we are a thriving membership community committed to propelling your mechatronics skills to new heights. Whether you're a hobbyist, student, or seasoned professional, GHM Learn offers an exclusive space where members can access cutting-edge courses and instructions on mechatronics subjects, including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Coding, Sensors, Effectors, IoT,  and much more.


Classrooms are organized by topic where each subject is covered in great detail by an industry professional. Follow a systematic and structured learning path or access any of the classrooms as needed. 

A Comprehensive Resource Hub for Your Mechatronic Success!


Detailed Course Content in Each Classroom

24/7 access to 12 different classrooms covering every topic you need to learn in the field of mechatronics with organized and structured content that is continuously updated and where students can work at their own pace.


Weekly Live Streams

Members engage in weekly live sessions and get to “Ask an Engineer”, and learn “What’s New” in trends in technology.  Members “Show and Tell” their ideas and inventions with the community and contribute to community-driven subjects showcased in the “Community Chest” sessions.


Supportive Community

A private community of like-minded makers, programmers and mechatronics enthusiasts. A way to ask any questions, exchange ideas and get fast answers and feedback on your progress.

Gord Maretzki is a distinguished Engineer, Proven Inventor, Accomplished Researcher, and Passionate Educator.

Gord has had an expansive career in the product development field, from start-ups to research. He has helped many companies achieve their product development goals. From concept to final product, Gord has done it all in the mechatronics realm.

He has a special passion for leading students through the maze of topics in mechatronics, guiding them in a structured and progressive learning path, designed to build self-learning and continued mastery.

Gord's vision is to equip the next generation of innovators in the dynamic field of mechatronics.

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